1858 Watercolor Valentine

1858 Watercolor Valentine

  • Sweet watercolor valentine from a brother to his sister.

    A large bird holds a red banner which says; "To Sister Carrie".  Another bird holds a smaller ribbon at the bottom which says " By Brother Tom".

    The poem is decorated with tree branches with the first letter of each line in color.  It says: Sister dear, I cannot write today The feelings of thus thy brothers heart. Yet I hope that what I say /will never from thy mind depar.  Sweet sister, the deepest feeling of my heart, Is that you may often think of me, And let me have a brothers part In thy undying memory."  Feb: 16th 1858.

    Clear and clean, old mitered frame, great colors, 8 1/2" x 9 1/2".

    Found in New Hampshire and dating from 1858.

    $15 shipping