Early Miniature Sampler Fragment

Early Miniature Sampler Fragment

  • This little marking sampler is green, black and yellow wool on ecru linen.

    The top half is an alphabet and the numbers 1-0, with a fancy border at the top.

    She repeats a -d three times, e-t twice, then she has 2 V's before she remembers U, and finishes with WXYZ.  

    The bottom half appears to be a lot of practice stitches.  Her teacher probabaly gave her a D on this one.

    There are some moth holes and a tear at the seam.  

    When folded in half, the. top is suitable for framing and would make a very charming tiny sampler.

    Found in New Hampshire and dating from the mid 1800s.

    5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

    $8 shipping