Elizabeth Cottrell's 1848 Marking Sampler

Elizabeth Cottrell's 1848 Marking Sampler

  • This is a large and finely stitched marking sampler.

    Elizabeth Cottrell worked her embroidered and cross stitch masterpiece on cream linen with red, pink black yellow, gold and blue wool threads.

    It is unusual in that she stitchec a very large flower basket in the center with a large strawberry and leaves border.  

    The verse says: "Thought painful at present, Twill cease before long, And then oh how pleasant, The Conqueror's Song." ( Elizabeth might have been at war with someone!)

    It is signed "Elizabeth L. Cottrell's work in the year 1848".

    Large and unframed: 17" x 17".

    Glued to a cardboard backing, ready for framing.  There are holes along the edges - not into the stitching - from prior framing which would be covered by a frame. Very minor fraying in some of the area of the verse, one small age spot.

    Strong colors, beautiful presentation.

    $10 shipping