Primitive Schoolgirl Needlework Marking Sampler

Primitive Schoolgirl Needlework Marking Sampler

  • 8 year old Hariot N. worked her sampler in browns on ecru linen.

    She did 4 1/8 alphabets and the numbers 1-9.  

    She has stitched her name" Hariot. N." and her home, Southgate Leicester, and the date 18--?

    I would date this sampler to about 1830.  

    There is an unfinished border on the bottom, and curiously, a button stitched to the top left corner (perhaps to attach it to her jacket so she wouldn't lose is?)

    There are 2 small holes - one obscuring the complete date and the other near the F in the first line. Nice aged color with very minor darkening in spots.

    7 1/2" x 9", unframed.

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