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Very Rare and Early Heart Sampler, Signed and Dated with Provenance

Very Rare and Early Heart Sampler

  • This is a very naive and striking marking sampler made by Chloe Bemiss of Worthington Massachusetts in 1804.

    The unusual feature is the pronounced heart in the center with "year 1804 aged 17 years" stitched into the middle.

    She stitched 2 alphabets and then "Chloe Bemiss sampler made in the year 1804 aged 17 uears. Chloe Bemiss was borm in the year 17086" (1786).

    There is a provenance taped to the back. She married and had at lease 7 sons and 7 daughters in Massachusetts, and died in Ohio.

    Excellent antique condition with some fading and minor blemishes.

    7" x 10 1/2"

    $15 shipping

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